10 signs you might be your office’s version of Patsy Stone

We were all in awe when the release of Ab Fab the movie came out earlier this year as it reminded us just how much we’d missed our beloved Patsy. Then that got me thinking, maybe we’re more like our party girl than we think. Here’s how to know if you’ve got an inner Patsy Stone..


1. Turning up to work

You’re not entirely sure who everyone in the office is but the security guard seems to keep letting you enter the building anyway and the receptionist always seems pleased – if a little surprised – to see you. You are adept at schmoozing and delegating, all while rarely showing your face.

Patsy Stone Absolutely Fabulous

2. It’s not what you know it’s who you know

When you do put in an appearance, you choose your meetings depending on who’s going to be there. Jean-Baptiste from Marketing is hot, Denise from Accounts is not. You know how to mingle with all the right people, and in turn all the right people think you’re Absolutely Fabulous darling.


3. Lunch meetings

Similarly, your attendance at lunch meetings is based on catering – custard creams and soggy sandwiches are out, trays of “pharmaceuticals” and Bollinger are in. Eating actual food is for wimps – everyone knows lunch breaks are for Botox appointments.

Patsy Stone Absolutely Fabulous

4. Power dressing

Your look is timeless; tailored Chanelesque suits and killer heels. Your permanently coiffured beehive has enough Elnett in it to start a Greenpeace protest and your desk drawer is chock-full of pillar box red lippy. Let any of these slide and your colleagues will ask you if you’re sick and need to go home.

Patsy Stone Absolutely Fabulous

5. Accessorize

No self-respecting Patsy protégé would be seen without her designer sunnies and you like them just how you like your men: the bigger the better. Under no circumstances are your shades to be taken off before you enter the revolving doors to your building – better yet not before you get out of lift to your floor. Bonus points for keeping them on at the photocopier.


6. Expensive expenses

Everything gets charged to expenses sweetie! Champagne lunches, taxi rides, those

‘meetings’ at Harvey Nicks with your mates… Even if that means a monthly personal credit card statement that you neglect to open, because all your hopes of a real life expenses account were dashed sometime in the last recession.


7. Comebacks

On the rare occasion that someone suggests you’re not pulling your weight or that you’re anything less than lovely to everyone all the time, you have an assortment of cutting one liners ready to stop them in their paces at a moment’s notice. After all, nobody’s ever been sacked for calling someone a “Bitch Troll from Hell” …have they?

Patsy Stone Absolutely Fabulous

8. Forgetting names

You’re not interested in the little people unless they’ve got something you need, like the number for that high-powered exec you’ve been dying to get hold of. Consequently, Debbie and Pete often get called Doreen and Paul, while poor old Sue is only ever met with a blank expression as you don’t even attempt to try and remember hers.


9. Mixing business with pleasure

Whether you’re a seasoned predator or cougar in the making, you’re not afraid of hiding your sexuality if the fancy takes you. Young or old, CEO or post room trainee, nobody’s safe once you’ve got them in your crosshairs – or in the stationery cupboard with a bottle of Bolly.

Patsy Stone Absolutely Fabulous

10. An air of mystery

Nobody knows your age, your marital status, your work background or where you’re from. In fact, nobody actually knows what your job is. And you intend to keep it that way, sweetie.

Patsy Stone Absolutely Fabulous


So on a scale of 1-10, how much is Patsy your spirit animal?

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