15 memes that every girl can relate to!

A meme (/ˈmiːm/ meem) is “an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture”.

I don’t know what kind of bored, hilarious genius sat there one day creating the first of what was soon-to-be an internet storm of storyboards of our sad little lives but I salute them! It took me a while as there are so bloody many but I’ve picked out a few memes for girls that pretty much sum up my entire life. If you can’t relate then sorry but you live under a rock..

Warning: This post contains moderate sex references and strong language. Brace yourself.


1. Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.. LOL JK!

Memes for girls

..Listen, mistakes happen we’re only human. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Just hop back on the wagon as tomorrow is a new day.


2. The new day..

Memes for girls



3. Then your co-workers be like..

Memes for girls

…Wind your neck in Susan you skinny prick I’ll shave your cat!


4. The holidays just are another day…

Memes for girls

..And you get to feel half normal until 12pm.


5. And just to make you feel better…

Memes for girls

..Like IDFTS, where’s your green eyeshadow, crimped hair, bowel head, AAA bra, and non-contoured potato head!


6. When mother natures being a slag…

Memes for girls

..The 3 words all girls long to hear! **Takes items out of wish list and adds to basket**


7. The responsibility of so many lives being in your hands…

Memes for girls

..And numerous dick pics lads have sent to your mates that you too get to examine and make fun of as a lucky third party. Also, accepting that your battery will never last past 10am.


8. When you’ve got a split personality…

Memes for girls

..And you’ve got no choice but to set her free and then you realise your inner hoe is actually Rhianna. ‘WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK’.


9. Making new BFF’s wherever you go because you’re proper sound after a few vodkas…

Memes for girls

..Shelly you little fabby hit me up girl and we’ll fuck shit up.


10. The ability to lose track of time, sense, reality, dignity, self-control and self-respect on a night out…

Memes for girls

..You OK HUN?


11. While you were out parting 3 more girls you know had a baby…

Memes for girls

..Don’t fuck with me not today Karen!


12. You put off checking your back balance after nights out in the hope you’ve been robbed…

Memes for girls

..But you haven’t been so lucky and now you’re poor.


13. When bae lies but it’s for a good cause…

Memes for girls

..Even though you know he’s bare face lying a small part of you is moved inside at the fact he said it with a straight face.


14. That sudden realisation…

Memes for girls

..But there isn’t one so you do the grown up thing and Google it.


15. And the cherry on the cake…

Memes for girls

..Case closed!

Natalie is the Commissioning Editor and a Features Writer for The Daily Struggle. She’s also a full time digital marketer, soon to be travel blogger as she prepares to set off around South East Asia and Australia.

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