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4 Rachel Green moments we can all relate to

Thanks to Comedy Central (and E4 many years ago), most of us have seen every Friends episode countless amounts of times. While every character of Friends is special and hilarious in their own little way, no one is quite as relatable as Rachel Green. Here’s four classic Rachel moments that we can all relate to.

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Doing/saying something we regret when drunk

Rachel has had her fair share of embarrassing drunken moments. Whether it’s announcing her infatuation to Ross over his answering machine or getting married in Vegas with a sharpie beard and mustache, Rachel’s drunken struggles represent all of us at some point in our lives. If Friends were set in 2017, she’d be cringing over her snap chat stories every Sunday morning and nervously awaiting Facebook photo tag’s.

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Making bad decisions 

It’s safe to say Rachel has some bad moments throughout Friends – like heading down to London to break up Ross and Emily’s wedding, or sleeping with her best friend’s fiance who she previously jilted at the altar. Most of us probably haven’t made decisions as dramatic as Rachel’s, but we’ve definitely all done some things we know we shouldn’t have.

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Completely failing at cooking 

Even the most talented self-proclaimed chefs among us can remember a time we tried to make a certain meal that went horribly wrong. You might not have went as far to put beef jam and cream together (really though, who would think that’s okay?) but you’ve likely burned a cake or two in your lifetime, and for that we can relate.

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Being bad at a job 

“You know why I’m a bad waitress? Because I don’t care!” announces Rachel right before quitting her job in Central Perk. If you’ve ever taken a hospitality job while at Uni or as a way to get some extra cash before you land your dream job, you’ll most likely relate to Rachel’s coffee house struggles. Rachel is every one of us who’s spilled tea on a businessman’s lap, knocked over and smashed ten pint glasses, or just been generally hopeless at their job.



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