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5 Reasons to Love Monica Gellar

Long before the days of deciding which Sex and the City girl you and your mates were, there was a time that girl’s across the globe would fight over who was the ‘Rachel Green’ of the group. Rachel; with her perfect hair, her charisma and her enviable job in fashion – you’re lying if you say you didn’t want to either be her, or be on her.

But I’m about to lay down some truth, shatter some dreams, lash some toys out of the pram: Monica Gellar was the best of the ‘Friends’ girls.

Hang on, before you start the witch-hunt, hear me out. Here are five reasons Monica needs to be your new #WomanCrushWednesday:

1. She let’s her friends use her home as a clubhouse for a decade without getting pissed off

Have you ever had people turn up at your house unannounced? It’s annoying AF. Personally, I hide in the toilet when someone rings my doorbell out of the blue. Monica, on the other hand, not only gives all of her friends keys to her apartment so they can get in while she’s at work, but let’s them raid her fridge and hang out without ever cleaning up after themsleves for years – all without batting an eyelid.

2. She takes in her best friend without question

Now, we have to use the term “best friend” loosely here, as Rachel had abandoned Monica in favour of her – not even inviting her to the wedding. Despite this, when Rachel turns out, soaking wet, out of the blue, Monica welcomes her into her home with open arms, helping her get back on her feet, get a job and finally enter the real world!

3. She never stopped being Chandler’s cheerleader

Throughout their relationship, Monica’s absolute love for Chandler never comes into question; but the most heart-warming example of this is when she encouranges him to quit a job he hates in order to persue his dreams, despite the financial implications it’ll have on their lives, and the fact it means she will have to delay her dream of having children.

4. She overcame a teenage weight problem

Not only did she manage to overcome a weight problem that she struggled with, (and was bullied for)  throughout her childhood and teenage years, but she managed to do so ALL. BY. HERSELF. Remember that throwback episode that see’s Judy hand her daughter two pies to finish because “they won’t fit in the fridge”? Hardly the support a teenage girl needs when trying to get fit an healthy.

We should also mention that, despite her past weight problems, Monica managed to regain a healthy relationship with food and excel in her career as a chef.

5. she never let her mother grind her down

Finally, while we’re on the subject of Judy Gellar, props to Monica to manage to emerge determined and with a sense of self worth despite the fact that Judy critisces her relentlessly, and clearly favours Ross over her. Not only that, but she never holds a grunge against Ross, and still has an overwhleming amount of compassion and capacity to care for others. Yes girl!

*Inspired by the “15 reasons Monica Gellar is an under-appreciated character” Tumblr thread by @theyarerealtome

Samantha is the Features Editor & Writer here at The Daily Struggle. Beside blogging she also works as a freelance digital marketer, specialising in helping small Liverpool based businesses.

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