The 6 stages of binge watching a new TV series

Where would we be without Netflix? It’s there for us through rain or shine, and gives you the perfect excuse to eat a whole tub of Ben and Jerry’s and a tube of pringles in one sitting. With the beginning of a new show, however, comes an influx of emotions that no person is ever prepared for. Before you give that TV series a watch, get yourself ready with the 6 stages of binging a new show.

Picking a new TV series


So you’ve got some time to kill. Maybe you’re skint after your holiday and are determined to stay in till payday, or you’ve just decided you can’t face socialising with the human race any longer. Whatever the reason, you’ve come to the conclusion that it’s time to start a new series. Choosing what to watch is a time of confusion and doubt – can you trust the recommendations from your friends? Will any show top the last series you fell in love with? You’re tempted to just re-watch sex and the city for the 7th time until you finally pull yourself together and click the play button on the first show that sounds reasonable.

Watching a TV series


You’ve made it half an hour into the pilot episode and things are looking promising. You’re already invested in one characters story and can’t wait to see how things go for them. You watch eagerly as the plot line unfolds and pat yourself on the back for making such an excellent decision.

Binge watching a TV series


You’ve officially lost track of how many times Netflix has asked if you’re ‘still watching’, and have already ran out of your supply of snacks for the night. Before you know it, it’s 2AM and you haven’t checked your phone notifications for hours. Your social life is slowly slipping away from you and you couldn’t care less.

Binge watching a TV series


Unfortunately you have to take occasional breaks from your TV screen to communicate with the human race. You end up asking every person you come into contact with whether they’ve watched the show, just so you can fill every living moment watching, thinking about or talking about it.

TV series spoilers


While you love having a good chat with a fellow fan of your new fave show, you spend the whole time terrified of accidental spoilers. The same goes for any mention of the show online, avoiding the comments section of scenes you can’t help but re watch on Youtube like your life depends on it.

Ending a TV series


You’re almost at the end of the series and the sad realisation that the show you’ve dedicated a week of your life to is about to come to an end. What are you actually gonna do with your spare time now? You feel hopeless as you savoir every last second of the final few episodes, surrounded by a new batch of snacks of course.

Ending a TV series


It’s over. It’s done. You’ve watched the series finale, and after a solid hour of moping around you’ve decided to pick yourself up off the couch and get on with your life. At least now you can read that classic novel that you’ve promised yourself you’d read every summer for the past 3 years (or pick out a new show..).

Amy is a digital marketer and freelance writer based in Liverpool. She’s also a Fashion graduate and loves all things arts, lifestyle and culture.

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