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6 steps to total body confidence

In a world where we’re bombarded with images of “perfect” celebrities with their “perfect” lives on a daily basis, it’s hardly any wonder that we don’t always feel great about ourselves…

You’ve seen her…that woman that seems to have it all.  She’s hot, she’s got killer style, and her swagger says that she’s absolutely confident that she can take on any challenge at anytime and get exactly what she wants.

Don’t you want to be her?  I wished I could have been that woman earlier in my life. Trust me I haven’t always been a ray of sunshine, it takes a lot of work to feel and look as damn good as I do now.

But after years of not getting what I wanted or achieving the success I wanted, I realized I was holding myself back. I didn’t feel confident in my own skin. I’m sure you have felt that way one time or another. Listen to me, at the risk of sounding like a self-help public service announcement – YOU are amazing and YOU are going to stop holding yourself back.

Even if you think you are the SHIT, there is always room for improvement. It feels great to have self confidence which will only bring you more success in life.

Here’s a few of my secret steps that you can use daily to feel good about yourself and build killer self confidence:


A positive one goes a long way. Really no one wants to hang out with a crabby bitch. You are allowed to have a bitchfest or a bad day.  But sometimes you need to plaster on your cheesiest grin and force your glossed lips into a smile, even when all you want to do is scream into the nearest pillow or wine glass.

You’ve heard the saying… you have to fake it  until you make it.

And eventually your faux positivity rubs off on you and starts to become real. You’ll find yourself slowly becoming happier and as a result your mood improves and those amazing endorphins (feel good hormones) start getting released. Try to focus your energy on the NOW, remember you cannot change your past but you can only move forward. Smiles are contagious!

Dress the part

For all that is HOLY take those nasty sweat pants off and put on your sexy jeans. Throw some makeup on. Lady, you know it really takes very little effort. It takes the same amount of time to put on real jeans as it does pajama jeans.  (You know who I’m talking to) When you dress good you feel good. I know those days when you don’t even want to wear a bra, but unless you have amazing tits, for the rest of mankind’s sake please put one on.  This is where you need to let go of self doubt. Stop worrying about your little belly or frizzy hair.

This might take a while, but be positive. If you find yourself saying “I hate my thighs” stop it right now and say “I love my thighs” – weren’t those thighs that you were just complaining able to help you get through your last yoga class?  Accentuate YOUR positive.  If you have gorgeous eyes, play them up or you love your breasts, throw on a cute top and put them on display for everyone to admire!

Working Out

Drinking wine and complaining is no longer considered exercise.  I know hard to believe, right?! Don’t worry about those skinny bitches at the gym, or those annoying grunting muscle heads. Get to the gym or take a brisk walk outside. Working out creates endorphins which trigger positive feelings helping create confidence. Working out helps to improve your physical appearance so you can look hot in your new bikini and in turn helps your emotional well-being. Now that’s a win-win for just you, you’re welcome.

Avoid Negative Bitches

Stay away from them. You know the saying “misery loves company”. People who are miserable need someone to put down, it makes them feel better about themselves.

Attitudes rub off, whether good or bad.

Negative Thoughts

If you keep thinking negative thoughts you will start to believe them and then they will most likely come true.  You need to turn your thinking around. Try saying a daily affirmation to yourself in the mirror.

Tell yourself how wonderful and amazing you are! Because you are fucking amazing!

Be thankful for what you have or what you like about yourself. Look around, and then look at your gorgeous self and appreciate your skills, your looks, your smarts, and your badass.

Stop Comparing

Look – I love my InStyle as much as you do, but you cannot compare yourself with Angelina Jolie or Halle (I wake up beautiful) Berry.  Every day you and I are bombarded with pictures of gorgeous models, television shows with beautiful, successful rich bitches… I watch a lot of Bravo. We need to stop comparing ourselves to everyone else. Be your own person. Strive to be the BEST you can be. No one is perfect (Although, I’m pretty close) so stop trying to be perfect…it is NOT going to happen.

Being the most confident woman in the world doesn’t happen overnight. Keep reminding yourself that you are beautiful and worthy of your own love.

Smile and Fake it till you make it!!

Samantha is the Features Editor & Writer here at The Daily Struggle. Beside blogging she also works as a freelance digital marketer, specialising in helping small Liverpool based businesses.

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