6 things you need to survive university

6 things you need to survive university

Here are 6 of the most important things you need to get you through university life. If you don’t have them you’re going to struggle! You’ve been warned…


A Laptop – lets face it, if you’re not in the 21st century and have your own laptop don’t even bother going to University! It’s really not worth your time. The amount of research you can do from sitting in your bed rather than a book these days is amazing…. and more importantly we need something to watch Netflix on.

The Library – Get used to going the library. Yes this is your new home so welcome it with open arms. Sitting amongst 70 other students that are sweating over their laptops as the smoke is coming off the keyboard to race to the finish line and hand in their assignment so they can go home and nap!

Snacks – they come in all shapes and sizes. Crisps, chocolate, sweets or apples if you’re really trying to stay on the wagon. Snacks will get you through every single assignment, presentation and revision session there ever will be so make sure you have plenty for the duration. There’s nothing worse than running out of food at 2am when every shop within a 3 mile radius is closed and you still have 3000 words to write before 10am. Shout out to Dominos who have saved my ass more times than I can count.

Hoodies/Sweats/Trackies – Whatever you want to call them they will be your comfort clothing, everyday clothing and even your nightclub outfit if you can pull it off. Who needs a new dress when you can look good in your sports gear.

Bezzie Mates – If you don’t have a good group of friends around for those nights where you’re throwing up at 3am and need to be thrown in a taxi home or you have a mid assignment crisis and break down and cry at least 4 times then you just might not survive. What are you supposed to do the other 3 days when you’re not in lectures. You need to share every single drunk moment with them which can include falling down a flight of stairs, falling off kerbs and being physically picked up by a bouncer and dropped outside the nightclub door and other happenings that should never be mentioned.

Student Discount Card – If your going to be financially crippled for the next 100 years of your life you may as well take this opportunity to exploit your student discount as much as possible. Saving money will become your new life goal and you’ll be having a weekly brainstorm with your mates about how you’re going to survive on that student budget. Oh and if you’re not a student i’ll let you into a little secret. (Click Here…shhh!)

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