5 memes that perfectly describe your commute to work

Ah, the morning commute. Whether you beep your way through the 9AM chaos or endure the woes of public transport, the journey to work is hardly anyone’s favourite time of day. So, if this is you; coffee in one hand, scrolling through Twitter with the other, here are some memes that perfectly represent each stage of your voyage.

Beginning your journey

As if getting out of bed at the crack of dawn wasn’t heartbreaking enough, you’re also expected to leave the house? You’re suddenly really jealous of your cat who naps for a living. You plod apprehensively out your front door, coffee in hand, and brace yourself for the journey ahead.

Contemplating life

Should you move to the countryside and make jam? Join the circus? Marry an old rich guy and spend your days drinking and thinking about what shade of eggshell to paint your bathroom? You begin to re-consider your entire life after, of course, spilling the remnants of your coffee all over your white blouse.


Hating everyone

You’re stuck in traffic. It’s your own fault for leaving late, but that doesn’t mean you can’t scowl through your window at everyone nearby – especially the girl that proceeds to sit and apply lipstick even after the lights have changed. Top marks for multitasking, but girl, we’ve all got places to be. And if you’re a public transport commuter, by this point you’re already considering leaving civilisation after the guy next to you finishes his second packet of cheese and onion crisps pre 8.30 AM.

Trying to be productive

You turn on the ‘stuff you should know’ podcast you’ve been meaning to listen to for months as a way to save your journey and make it more productive. You get past learning about how play-doh is made until giving up and blasting a bit of Drake. Rapping along to the entirety of ‘views’ is enough to get your brain working anyway.


Reaching your destination

Your quest has finally come to an end. You straighten yourself out and head eagerly to the kitchen to make your first of many caffeine fixes. Maybe there’ll be donuts leftover from the office party the day before.. Your tragic journey finally seems worth it. #blessed

Amy is a digital marketer and freelance writer based in Liverpool. She’s also a Fashion graduate and loves all things arts, lifestyle and culture.

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