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Cringiest social media moments

Social media is great, not only can you keep in touch with long-distance mates, but you can lash a photo of some avocado on toast on Instagram, and everything thinks that you have your life together.

But, as they say, with great power comes great responsibility – so today we’ve asked some of our followers what their most cringiest social media moment was:

” I, myself, am surprisingly un-cringeworthy when it comes to social media. I mean, my thumbs are quite small and I do pride myself on my stealthy ninja reactions so I have those working to my advantage. However I am in a committed relationship with the biggest klutz in the entire universe who isn’t quite so nimble with her digits when it comes to Insta-stalking.

Flashback 5 years and there I am, at a family meal with my rents and brother. Face down on the table lies my phone which holds all the secrets to my brand new little romance with said klutz. Right next to it sits my pops’ phone (face up, of course) which suddenly starts a-flashing with copious Instagram notifications. She’d only been having a good old root through my dad’s (who she had yet to meet) snaps and liked about 10 in the process. Hearts for days, likes for weeks. Cringin’ ‘ell. It’s alright, he likes her more than I do now.”

– From fab foodie, Steph, from Hungry Harriet. Follow her on twitter @hihungryharriet

“My friend had recently qualified in aesthetics- Botox, fillers and all that malarkey – at a particularly vulnerable drunken moment I somehow agreed that she could ‘do mine’.

So she came to my house and, she was very thorough, the procedure was complete.

I wasn’t a Botox virgin and I was looking forward to feeling a new woman, with a big massive shiny flat fod!

I’ve had Botox before, this felt different. My face felt heavy, I looked in the mirror and I looked like a startled John Merrick in a wig!

Oh ay! What do I do? I know I’ll message my regular Botox doctor and send him pictures of how I look – each needle mark had swelled into massive lumps and hives and my nose had swelled sideways and my mouth like Popeye’s! Boss.

I took a good few ‘sad face selfies’ and sent them on Facebook to my original Botox doctor – let’s call him Joe Smith – I pressed send. Then I waited.

I waited and waited. I thought I bet Joe is fuming because I’ve gone elsewhere.

Let me just check I sent it. Oh I’d sent it. OH. I HAD SENT IT. I’d only gone and sent it to Joe Smith currently residing in HMP Walton. A plethora of my John Merrick in a wig sad face selfies were currently doing the rounds of Walton prison. He left me on read. Bastard.”

From the gorgeous Katie, the makeup queen of Liverpool. Follow her on twitter @KWMakeUpArtist

“Both my exes new bird and my fellas ex bird had the audacity of having private Instagram accounts. Like the normal and completely mentally stable person I am, me and my mate set up a catfish account to have a stalk. One each of their (now completely accessible) accounts, they had posted their Snapchat username. So, again like a completely normal human beings, we set up a catfish snapchat to add them on too. We were the masters of stealth… until about 5 weeks later, when I posted an absolutely fire selfie (if I do say so myself). And obviously I was signed into the WRONG account.”

From professional life-ruiner, Scarlett Wonderland. Follow her on twitter @ScarletWLand

“I rang in sick to my old work… then got tagged in a restaurant. Needless to say I got the sack, but luckily I had a full-time job! Oh, and while we’re on the subject of cringe, my old twitter handle used to be @lalldem”

From Trinity Mirror journo and full-time fabhead  Kate Lally. Follow her on Twitter: @katelallyx

Amy is an Associate Editor at The Daily Struggle. She has a Masters in Digital Marketing, enjoys playing tennis, eating domino’s (Texas BBQ) and 12 hours sleep a day.

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