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What is a good life in 2018?

Here is a lovely list of what a good life means in 2018 and how you can get it.


Get comfortable in your own skin.

In the words of Ru Paul, “if you don’t love yourself, how in the hell are you guna love somebody else?” The key to confidence is being comfortable with who you are! There’s no need to try being “different” or “special.” You don’t need to do all the wrong things to be yourself.

Your body deserves real food

I’m not about to preach about an organic/vegan/diets lifestyle. As real and natural your body is, you should try as natural and real foods, meaning: consume less preservatives and chemicals if you can.


Clear your mind more often

Give yourself a moment to calm down. Go for a walk or take a nap to release mental stress. Clarity is your best policy. Mental health awareness is on a high rise so there’s no reason you shouldn’t try and be mindful of yours.


Get your coin up

The love of money is the root of all evil, true. That positive financial freedom, though? Yes, please. I’m not talking about paying electricity/water bills, a roof over your head, food on the table, clothes on your back, medical care, and other non-essentials. Obviously, I’m joking. They’re semi-important.
I’m talking traveling. With the amount of travel blogs you’ve read, why not see for yourself if those places are visit-worthy and make your own #goals Instagram pictures? Treat yourself to a culturally enhancing experience; an adventure. Challenge yourself to experience utmost relaxation. There is so much information on other cities and countries, surely there will be one that calls your name. Many options far and near!

Working towards being able to fund your dreams is a good step in 2018. Whether you want to start a business, become an entertainer, launch an app, etc. – finances are always part of the discussion.


Less social media? Not necessarily.

Some things said and done online, indeed, exceed all levels of morality but we cannot pretend like bad things aren’t also said and done in “real” life. To improve life this year: choose more wisely. You can’t control everything and everyone but you can choose who you follow and what you like. Make use of the block/ignore option if there is one!

Respect guidelines

For app users or moderators? Both parties need to make an effort. As app developers find new ways to enforce their guidelines, users find new ways to go against them. The reason I brought up this particular point, is because more and more schools are adding social apps to their curriculum or as a communication channel for kids and adults alike. There’s been quite a lot of negative feedback on the news, with reports of bullying and tragic consequences. The common issues: no way to find the bullies and the apps’ allowance of such terrible behaviour. Like I said, one party finds a way to enforce, the other finds a way to bypass. Users (and parents) *also* carry responsibility to ensure a safer space, better yet, a safer reaction to social media.



The word sounds good. It feels like the sun, a beautiful sunset and exciting sunrise. It’s cosy and warm. Smile more with your heart. That simple yet powerful feeling is what makes a good life in 2018 (and beyond).

I like to motivate people, and believe in them when they tell me their dreams. My new year’s resolution this year is to use less sarcasm. From time to time, I post stuff on my blog, My Scrambled Egg. Currently it’s opinion + experience (lifestyle). Soon there will be an interviews section!

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