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Absolutely vile hangover cures from around the world.

There are some hangovers that are so horrific you will literally try anything to make it go away. I once drank a horrible concoction of salt, lemon juice and chilli powder in the hope it’d stop me throwing up whiskey sours. It didn’t, but it did teach me a valuable lesson never to trust a word my Dad says.

So today, in honour of everyone who’s suffering the world’s worst hangover, I thought we’d have a look at five of the vilest hangover cures from around the world.

‘Pizzle’, Italy

Pizzle, or dried bull’s cock to you and me, is apparently full of protein, vitamins and minerals and, (as you might expect) hormones.

Apparently pizzle is such a good pick-me-up it was requested at the 2008 Bejing Olympics to help the stamina of the althletes.

A pair of pickled sheep’s eyeballs floating in tomato juice, Mongolia

Yeah, you heard that right.

According to a study carried out by Japanese scientists in 2012, tomato juice is the best thing you can drink to help purge the alcohol from your liver. I’m not too sure what the eyeballs bring to the table though.

‘Prairie Oyster’, America

This disgusting drink is a mixture of tomato juice, raw egg, Worcester sauce, salt and Tabasco sauce.

The tomato juice is, once again, good for the liver. The egg is full of protein, cysteine and taurine that help your body to break down toxins faster.

Katerfrühstück, Germany

After a night on the ale Germans like to torture themselves by eating pickled herring wrapped around gherkin and onion.

The brine helps to replenish electrolytes and forces you to drink more water, and the sugar helps to alleviate hypoglycemia and turn into fat – I think I’d still rather get my sugar from a bar of Galaxy though.

Tripe soup, Turkey

Basically a soup made from animal innards. Even thought of eating this would scare my hangover away for good.

But apparently, this salty, greasy and high-protein concoction is great for giving you energy and replacing all of your amino acids.

Happy hangover!

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