Heatwave handbag essentials

Incase you haven’t noticed the epidemic of shorts and sunglasses; Britain is in the throes of a heatwave.

And about time! Summer is finally here and it’s brilliant… if not just a little bit uncomfortable.

But who’s complaining. Well, maybe I am a little bit. Because however much we all love a bit of sunshine, it isn’t half a faff dealing with the heat.

So, to get you through the next few months (a girl can hope)  of sunshine, BBQ’s and inevitable day drinking, here’s what you’re going to need to survive the heatwave.


10% for avoiding squint-wrinkles, 90% for perving at all the fitties that have finally come out of hiding.

Dry shampoo

Handbag Essentials

By far the most important handbag essential of them all once the temperature reaches 18 degrees! Not only does it keep your hair from looking like it’s been sprayed on, but in Summer it also moonlights as welcome relief from the dreaded chubby rub, because it’s basically just spray on talc. You are welcome.


Handbag Essentials

This is just common decency. As a rule, if I can smell you, you’re too close to me.

Blister plasters

For when your new sandals start to rub.

Baby wipes

So you feel fresh through the transition from day drinking to a spontaneous night of jagerbombs and spinning around the pole in Popworld.

Loose change

Until ice cream men finally let you pay via debit card (come on lads, it’s 2016!) you’re going to need some change to get that emergency 99er. Not to mention the fact that you’re guaranteed to need some change for a taxi home for when you inevitably bail your car after accidentally getting a bit mangled in a beer garden after work.

Spare makeup

It’s time we all accepted that we’re going to sweat it off.

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