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Liverpool Students: 7 things to do in your first month

So, you’ve finally flown the nest and landed in the best city on Earth, you lucky things. Well here are 7 things you should do now you’ve arrived…

Start your night at the Tequila bar

Ca Va on Bold Street is famous for 3 things:

  1. Selling double shots of tequila for just a quid.
  2. Boasting every flavour you can imagine – including absolute horrors shows like baked beans.
  3. Being a place of terrible decisions but funny stories.

Spend a Sunday in the Baltic Market

Drinks and food, what’s not to love? The Baltic Market is perfect for students because:

  1. Loads of different stalls selling a variety of food means you don’t have to worry about finding somewhere to eat that caters for pain-in-the-dick Danny and his fucking gluten free diet.
  2. With everyone going to different stall you can avoid the hassle of splitting the bill – and if you’re brasso you can swerve eating and just have a bev.
  3. The big long tables and relaxed AF atmosphere mean you’re not limited by big groups and people can come and go as they please.

Go to at least one gig at the Cavern

You can’t spend any time in Liverpool without at least experiencing the home of the Beatles. Here’s why:

  1. For the Instagram selfie, obv.
  2. It’s a great way to discover new bands so you can to be really smug and gloating when they hit the big time in a few years.
  3. As a tourist hot spot there’s a boss atmosphere of drinking and dancing whether you go at 11 in the morning or 11 at night.

Go for a run round Sefton Park

I know what you’re thinking; “why the fuck would i go for a run when I could lie in bed and watch 16 hours of Power on Netflix”. I agree – but after solid three-week cycle of drinking, hungover sobbing and drinking again, followed by a week in bed with Fresher’s Flu, you’re going to want to do something remotely healthy, even if it’s just out of guilt for eating nothing but Nabzy’s and Koko noodles for 31 days. Sefton Park is the best place to don your trabs because:

  1. It’s full of other joggers – so you won’t feel like a complete weapon running past people sat in the pub watching how purple your face is getting.
  2. It’s one of the most beautiful places in the city.
  3. There’s an ice cream stall at the lake, so you can treat yourself afterwards for getting out of bed.

Try scouse… and learn to make it

As the official dish of Merseyside, you can’t be a student in the city without giving the famous Scouse a try – (and no, it’s not “just the same as stew”) Here’s why you need to ask the nearest pensioner for their recipe:

  1. It’s not just fit, but really cheap to make – which means more money to spend on ale. Make a massive batch and freeze it.
  2. It’s the perfect Autumn/Winter meal to warm you up when you’re too skint to turn the heating on.
  3. You can give it your own spin and show off to your ma when you go home for Christmas.

Go for a drunken Chinese buffet

Swerve standing in the queues in Burger King with the rest of the student population, and treat yourself to a proper drunken scran at The Mayflower on Duke Street because:

  1. you can actually sit down and eat rather than just lying on the kerb holding your chicken nuggets.
  2. Spring rolls taste a million times better after a vodka or ten.
  3.  It’s within stumbling distance from Seel Street.

Make a tit of yourself on karaoke

Whether it’s underneath the Shang-ri-la, with Pete Price in The Grapes on Mathew Street, or in front of a group of fitties at the Croc – painfully cringy karaoke in a rite of passage for every student. Why?

  1. Because it’s a fucking laugh, ok?
  2. Because it’s your duty as a true friend to give your mates drunken videos to use as ammunition against you.
  3. Ok, I don’t have a third reason… but can I recommend Amy Winehouse’s version of Valerie for a crowd-pleaser.


Scarlett is the Lifestyle Editor and Features Writer here at The Daily Struggle. Passionate about snowboarding, prosecco, Chris Pratt shirtless and anything with melted cheese on it, Scarlett constantly finds herself in ridiculous situations, and writes about her adventures over on her blog; Scarlet Wonderland.

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