12 personality types you find in every workplace

It’s a shame you can’t pick your work colleagues like you can pick your friends!

No matter where or who you work with you will always come across someone you don’t like – shame really! Here are 12 difficult workplace personalities you will always find in a workplace.



The Gossip

The type of personality known in every office has to be the Gossip. As we all know the gossip is known for spreading rumours and exaggerating the truth, whether it’s to discuss who’s the hottest couple in the celebrity world to who’s an item in the office. No matter what mood they are in the gossip will always find something to say.

Personality Types


The Snitch

Working with people day in and day out can normally tell us what ticks them off which can lead us to venting. Be careful who you are venting to and sharing your thoughts with, as The Snitch are in their element which can lead them to using this against you to snitch. So in this case i’d keep your distance and mouth zipped!

Personality Types


The Quiet One

The Quiet One can easily be spotted on your first day of work, either that or they are just being rude when introducing yourself to them. Quiet people are very hard and confusing to read as they close themselves off away from others making it difficult to start a conversation.

So you know those moments in the kitchen waiting for the kettle to boil… Awks

Personality Types


The Chatty One

The Chatty One tends to clash with the gossip as they both have so much to say and won’t shut the fuck up! The chatty one is different from the gossip as the chatty one tends to talk about absolutely anything! Doesn’t necessarily have to be gossip as they just love to talk.


The Suck Up

No matter where you work you will always come across the annoying suck up in the office that will do everything possible to impress the boss whether its laughing at the bosses lame jokes or fetching their morning coffee. The term brown nosers couldn’t be any more accurate! BUTT-KISSERS


The Nice Guy

Everybody always has that nice guy in the office who always lets you vent to them on a bad day and they will always listen intently. Another good quality about the nice guy they always make you laugh no matter what mood your in. So whenever you are having one of those days and you need a good chuckle i suggest go to the nice guy for a good chat.


The Nosey One

Nothing more annoying than a nosey fucking colleague finding all the ins and outs of your life. These are the types of people that tend to shit stir at any given opportunity to make themselves look good. They enjoy finding out all your quirks just so they can use this against you!


The Moaner

Along with the talkers we have the moaners who does nothing but moan about their daily lives. With moaners they are always fucking negative and they can easily ruin other people’s moods and affect their entire working environment which can be very annoying! Even the sound of their voice tends to get under your skin which drives you putting your headphones in just to block them out!


The Fit One

Don’t we all hate this one? Unless you are the fit one then we don’t want to know you – joking! We always get the handsome husky looking guy or the stunningly striking girl in the office. What’s more annoying about these is 80% of the time they are genuinely nice and the other annoying thing is they are taken! This doesn’t stop you from fantasising about them though!


The Stylist

In every working environment we always tend to get the fashionista stylist who no matter what they wear always looks fabulous. These are the types of people that could wear a bin bag and still look amazing – how annoying!


The Drama Queen

There’s always some sort of dilemma in work according to the drama queens. These are the people that create drama for themselves which is not necessary – just another way of attention seeking. Seeing this person flap around the office like a bird for no apparent reason can make a few people’s eyes roll and sigh.


The Know it all

Don’t we all hate the know it all? These kind of characters have a bigger ego than their heads! These are the ones that go around the office thinking they own the place. These are the kind of people that always interrupt your discussion when talking to another colleague member pointing out how wrong you are. ER NO YOU’RE WRONG!

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