The pro’s and con’s of having a car

Have you got your own set of wheels? Is your car a ghetto cruiser or a whip?

So I’ve just got my first pimp mobile and thought I’d give you the low down on the pro’s and con’s of having a car. You’ll be surprised that yes there are actually quite a few cons to driving a shit box!! But do they outweigh the good things?




You can drive duhh. Feel the wind in your hair as you roll down your windows….yes roll them down because your car doesn’t have electric don’t get cocky.

You can go places without relying on public transport. Have you used Merseyrail recently? If the smell of piss and weed an b.o mixed together to make a delicious concoction isn’t enough to make you gag then I don’t know what is!

There are no smelly people in your car (unless you are the smelly person) you can breathe all the freshly polluted air you like.

Blasting your music as loud as you like (we all love belting it out to Beyonce oh oh oooooooooooooh! Let me hear ya!)


Not having to wrap up in 10 layers to go outside sounds amazing. Waddling along like a penguin is not my idea of looking fashionable.

Joey Clothes

3 bags you say? No problem throw them all in the boot! How I dreaded carrying round my whole life like I was a Year 7 with my p.e kit, every single book I owned as well as my ingredients for cooking.


It actually costs you money to drive. After the excitement has worn of and you realize you have to pay for petrol you’ll soon be sat indoors longing for the moment you can go out again.

All the traffic you have to sit in (come onnnn, I thought this was a faster way to get around)

Other idiots on the road. Can you please not slam on, swerve or beep at me I’m new to this.

You are now the official taxi and nominated driver of the house. Every single Birthday, Christmas and festive occasion in the near future has your name written all over it.


Warning light comes on in car (HELPPPP *rings parents*) Car needs an MOT (HELPPPP *rings parents*) Car needs a service (HELPPPP *rings parents*)

And your car might look like this….but at least your not a bus wanker!


I think I’ve decided I’ll stick to having a car. I’m sure I’ll manage to cope with a banger and avoid the vile smells of trains and other lunatics on the road! What about you?

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Amy is an Associate Editor at The Daily Struggle. She has a Masters in Digital Marketing, enjoys playing tennis, eating domino’s (Texas BBQ) and 12 hours sleep a day.

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