Struggling with motivation? Here’s 5 tips for finding your workplace mojo

Struggling with motivation?  From those people who love their job so much they’d like to marry it to those on the brink of workplace divorce, every kind of employee finds motivation hard to come by from time to time.

If your workday is more ‘Oh No…’ than ‘Hi-Ho!’, then here’s a few tips on finding the motivation to get the job done:

1. Hack at IT

If you work on computers, chances are the numerous upgrades (yup, those irritating system upgrades that choose the worst possible moment to begin without your permission) actually feature loads of nifty hacks that can simplify tasks and make them a bit more bearable.

Gmail, for example, includes loads of features that make managing emails easy and there’s plenty of other Apps and shortcuts that make everything from Google research to complicated Excel spreadsheets a doddle to manage.

YouTube is full of tutorials so educate yourself and upskill. Your boss will be impressed, your job will be easier to do and you’ll have extra stuff to flesh your CV out with.

2. Pat Your Own Back

Nothing kills motivation more than those days when you’ve worked your butt off and no-one thanks you for it.

Accept right now that your superiors won’t give you the recognition you deserve. Do not waste time longing for it, you’ve got more chance of Ryan Gosling swanning into the office to give you a ‘Hey Girl’ and a shoulder rub.

You know when you’ve done a job well. You know when you’ve completed a million small tasks and you know when your hard work has been good for business, so pat yourself on the back. Get a notepad, write ‘Smashed It’ across the top and list everything you do in a day.

Monday Motivation

3. Pick, Mix and Procrastinate

Tedium is rife in the workplace and it can be the death of motivation but you can give your mojo a boost by organising your day to suit you.

If you’re more focussed for the first hour of the day, tackle the worst jobs then. If you’ve got several projects on the go, chip away at each one for a few hours at a time and don’t be afraid to procrastinate. You know how procrastination works, you’re reading this at work, right?

Research shows that redirecting your mental energies elsewhere for short spells can help you to become a more creative, original and motivated employee, so take a break mind-numbing data to read something that makes you laugh. Get away from the glare of your monitor to go for a short walk or be nice to your colleagues (who all struggle just like you, even if they deny it) and get the brews in.

4. Stop and Think

When you’re struggling to find your mojo it’s easy to become negative and start having doubts about your abilities altogether but ignore those thoughts. Just stop, take a breath and think.

What have you achieved in your career so far? What will be the rewards of getting this particular task done? What makes you so frickin’ awesome at your job?!

Take a moment to get a little perspective and remind yourself that you got this.

5. Quit

Every now and then it’s normal to spend the time between opening your eyes and arriving at work fantasising about the mysterious illnesses you could plausibly fake in order to get away with pulling a sicky, but if that’s the way that every day begins, it might be time to quit.

That might mean moving into a new role or department, taking a job with a new company or redirecting your career altogether. Sometimes a change is the only way to spice up your worklife so don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something new!

Right, pep talk over. Get back to work. Or go get a coffee

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