How to survive a girls holiday

Girls holidays are a rite of passage that every group of friends should experience at least once. Whether it’s a city break or a full blown 18-30 bender in the sun, the memories you makes with your mates abroad will be ones you’re still laughing about when you’re pushing your zimmer round an old people’s home, causing fucking havoc in 60 years time.

That said, they’re not without their tests, so here’s a few ways you can make sure that you survive the holiday and come home still friends.

Avoiding Arguments

Let’s be honest, you’re not going to. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but there’s almost definitely going to be beef at some point. This doesn’t mean that your mates are all “complete bitches”, or that “these slags don’t give a shit about friendship” – or that any other dramatic accusations that might get thrown around in the heat of the moment are true. It just means that being in a confined space with the same group of people 24/7 for two weeks is a shock to the system. Add the fact that you’re going to be hot, hungover, probably burnt, whilst all wanting to do different things and you’re bound to get a bit of bickering. The good news is,  there are some things you can do to make sure any unnecessary drama is kept at bay…

1) Make sure everyone gets to call the shots at some point.

If someone’s desperate to go to a particular bar or do an activity, suck it up and let them – it means that you get to be selfish and pick something you want to do another day without guilt. Keep your demands within reason though; don’t expect the whole party to traipse to an absolute crack den of a club just because you fancy the barman, unless you plan on at least buying everyone a few drinks – it’s a girls holiday, remember.

2) Back off

If you sense someone start to get a cob on don’t jump in there, all guns blazing, to tell them – it’s only going to wind them up more. Think about how you get when you’re all burnt and hungover; I bet you’re no picnic to be around either. So, give them a bit of space and let them stew it out on their own for a while. Or better yet, be an amazing friend and wordlessly present them with an ice cold, double vodka and diet coke and some aftersun – they’ll soon snap out of it.

Don’t take yourself too seriously

There is nothing worse than going away with an uptight girl who refuses to get in any photos unless they’ve spent 3 hours getting ready, or won’t get in the pool in case their hair gets wet.  Stop being a massive bore.

If you really don’t want any photos taken without make up on, just put on a pair of big sunglasses to cover your face.

Also, 18-30 holidays are going to be full of gangs of lads, leading the march with shit football chants and obnoxious attempts to get your attention. As long as they’re not forcing themselves on you, they’re harmless – so don’t get wound up when they start singing “get your rat out for the lads”.

Make a journal

We did this on my second girls holiday and it’s still possibly one for the funniest books that I have in my possession. Buy an empty notepad and leave it out so it’s easy for people to write/stick paraphernalia in, whatever time of day. The drunk rambling and the declarations of love are literary gold – plus it’ll remind you of all the hilarious incidents and what funny fucking bitches you all are after a bottle or two of wine.

Remember, it’s a GIRLS holiday

A girls holiday should be about just that – time with the girls. It’s understandable if the single ones out of you want to pull on a night out – but your nights shouldn’t revolve around finding lads or meeting up with other people. If you are going out to meet up with men, make sure you spend some time together too. Go for a meal, or sit on your balcony together eating pot noodles if you’re strapped for cash. Just make sure you put the time in – you don’t get this time back.

Stay together

This one is the most important and should go without saying, but make sure you all stick together! Girls alone are vulnerable. Drunk girls alone are really vulnerable. Know your limits, put money aside for cab fare and (I don’t care however much of a dick their being) never leave anyone on their own.

No fucks were given in the making of this blog… 

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