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We know what your favourite sex toy is based on where you live

Show me someone who’s never had a wank and I’ll show you a liar. It’s perfectly normal to enjoy a bit of ‘me time’, ok? Great, now we’ve got that out of the way; let’s talk about sex toys!

Adult toys have actually been around for a lot longer than you may think; the first mechanical vibrator was developed by exhausted physicians back in the late 19th century, and this was showcased in the Hollywood movie “Hysteria”. Hysteria was the name given to women at at the time who had indicated feelings of frustration to doctors. Now, the clever doctors learned that this ‘frustration’ could be easily dealt with through a prescription of… ahem… ‘manual’ manipulation.

Once word got out of a ‘cure’ the physicians decided to create a mechanical replacement because they simply couldn’t satisfy the queues they were experiencing outside their clinics from continually ‘frustrated’ women. Fast forward to today and adult toys have come a long way.  The adult toy industry is worth literally billions all over the globe and with the likes of ‘thrusting vibrators’ and ‘penis sleeves’ being just two of the many strange and unusual options to help people get their kicks, it’s no wonder people turn to adult toys to really spice up their sex lives!

Now, onto the good stuff. We know what your favourite sex toy is based on where you live. Nervous? Well, fellow Scousers, apparently we should be, considering we’re into collars an leads. Thanks to our fave sex toy specialists, Carvaka we’ve got the whole lowdown.

You. Are. Welcome.

Scarlett is the Lifestyle Editor and Features Writer here at The Daily Struggle. Passionate about snowboarding, prosecco, Chris Pratt shirtless and anything with melted cheese on it, Scarlett constantly finds herself in ridiculous situations, and writes about her adventures over on her blog; Scarlet Wonderland.

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