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Why Hula Hooping Will Become Your New Fitness Routine

One of the biggest things to hit the fitness world today is something that you thought was only for kids: hula hooping! However, once you see all the health benefits that you can gain from it, you will want to  grab a hula hoop and make hooping your new fitness routine. We’ve included our favorite reasons for hula hooping for exercise.

Burns Calories Like Crazy

According to AARP, 8 minutes of hula hooping can burn 50 calories, making it a fast and easy way to work off that big lunch you had. This ends up being around 400 calories per hour, or up to 600 if you’re engaging your arms and legs, too. That’s about the same number of calories that you would burn if you jogged for an hour, but without having to leave your house.

Gives You a Full-Body Workout

It’s estimated that there are 30 muscles that are activated when you’re hula hooping, which means that you’re doing more than just moving your abs. This is what lends to the number of calories being burned. As you can imagine, hula hooping focuses on the core muscles, which can help you burn the fat around your waist which is the unhealthiest type of fat.

Improves Your Heart Health

When you get your heart rate up during physical activities, it helps improve your heart health in several ways. With better blood circulation, any toxins that are in the blood stream that could damage your heart are removed. It also gets your heart pumping, which makes it stronger since it’s a muscle like any other. Hula hooping is a great way to get your heart the exercise it needs to stay strong and healthy.

Makes Your Spine Stronger and More Flexible

One of the biggest causes of back problems is a lack of back strength and flexibility. The movements done while hula hooping help to strengthen your spine muscles and stretch your back to make it more flexible. With a stronger and more flexible back, you’ll better be able to avoid back pain and have a better range of motion in your back.

Saves You Money

For the cost of just one hula hoop, you can have a way to work out every day. This can save you money on expensive exercise equipment and a gym membership but won’t keep you from getting in the physical activity that you need to stay healthy. Many people waste hundreds of dollars every year on gym memberships that they don’t end up using, so save yourself some money by getting a hula hoop.

Provides a Fun Way to Work Out

Working out is often just that: work. Unless you’re a fitness enthusiast, it can be hard to motivate yourself to work out because it’s typically not a fun activity. However, hula hooping is a lot of fun, and you can make it even more fun by putting it to music or turning it into a competition. This way, you’ll look forward to your daily hula hooping sessions rather than dreading them.

Easy to Fit into Your Schedule

Since you only need to hula hoop for 20 minutes a day to get all these benefits and more, it’s easy to set aside that little bit of time to pull out your hula hoop, set a timer, and get to hooping. It’s also nice because you don’t have to leave your home, so you can also save time on traveling to the gym or park for your workouts. It’s also great for moms and other people that aren’t able to leave home to work out.

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